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By 2003alumgocanes

Anyone watching the blue turf monstrosity last week must have noted with some shock at how the ACC was ranked several spots below the WAC on the conference totem poll.  Well, we all know the ACC blows, so it seems reasonable enough.  Well, it was horse shit.  Computer rankings weigh complex indicators and give as accurate a gauge as possible of “conference strength” from top to bottom.  Obviously, each individual model has flaws, but if you take an average of several, you should get something that is at least reasonable.  So, what model does ESPN use to determine conference strength?  Reason says to average computer rankings, right?  Well, they didn’t do that.  Instead, they decided to combine the computer rankings with the AP POLL to weigh conference strength.  On the surface, this may look dumb.  But drilling down and examining it makes it EVEN DUMBER!  Human polls only rate (subjectively, mind you) the very tops of the conference.  They don’t rate the entire conference.  For example, a conference with 1 ranked team and 11 teams ranked 40-50th would be considered to be pretty strong top-to-bottom, and certainly more challenging to navigate than a conference with 2 ranked teams and 6 atrocious teams.  Well, if you look at the AP Poll, guess which rates higher?  The AP Poll doesn’t care that a middle of the pack ACC team in FSU beat BYU, it only cares how high TCU is.  Here is their “Rating System”:

Week 4 ESPN Stats & Info Conference Power Rankings

Conference AP Rank Computers Rank Final Rating Final Ranking Rank Change
SEC 1 1 98.1 1
Pac-10 2 3 92.1 2 +1
Big Ten 3 4 90.3 3 +1
Big 12 5 2 81.6 4 -2
Mountain West 4 6 68.9 5
WAC 6 8 49.6 6
ACC 7 5 47.5 7
Big East 8 7 24.9 8
C-USA 9 9 17.6 9
MAC 10 10 13.3 10
Sun Belt 11 11 9.6 11

Why is the WAC higher than the ACC?  To put it bluntly, because Boise State is ranked higher than us.  That’s the entire reason.  Nevada and NCSU essentially cancel out.  We have some other teams getting votes, but that’s it.  You might call it stupid, because it is.  Simply by ranking Boise that high, the AP number is skewed.  Same goes for the Mountain West, which skews that direction as well since Utah and TCU are ranked, and fairly high, it doesn’t matter what happens down the field.  An actual look at the conferences organized by their computer averages which actually take the shocking step of looking at an entire conference objectively rather than the very top of the conference subjectively paints a different story.

1) SEC
2) Big 12
3) PAC 10
4) Big 10
5) ACC
6) MWC
7) Big East
8 ) WAC
9) C-USA
10) MAC
11) Sun Belt

And order has been restored.  Unfortunately too late to prevent ESPN from exposing the masses to their agenda.

Step 1)  Let’s nationally televise a game between the 6th-best team in the PAC 10 and an overrated team.  Meanwhile, this week the 2 best PAC 10 teams are playing, possibly for a BCS bid, but we aren’t going to nationally televise that, instead showing half the country 2 unranked teams, 1 of which has a losing record.

Step 2)  Come up with some convoluted way to make it look like Boise State doesn’t play in bullshit conference.  I know, lets factor in their poll ranking into their conference strength!

Hook, line, and sinker.  And don’t worry, I won’t fucking back down.

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